Our Vision& Mission

Education is one of the most Impartment in the real meaning of education. It is simply the soul of society as it passes from one generation to another. It is inalienable right of every child. It is not just quality but also affordability and accessibility of education that hinders the path of thousands of bright young minds from a secure and rewarding future. Silver N Springs strives to achieve great academic excellence, intellectual growth high environmental and social awareness along with community service.

The Correspondent Mrs.Rama Arunkumar realized the need for quality education at an affordable cost and hence she started Silver N Springs Nursery and Primary School which blossomed in the year 2001 with just 3 children. The potential seed sown by her has now grown into a huge Banyan Tree.

Silver NSprings

Silver N Springs is a unit of Sampathkumaran & Sreerangam Charitable Trust. This trust was founded in the year 2008. this Trust is committed to the causes of education and its related services. SSC Trust has been keen in lending its hands to students to pursue their education, to improve facilities in educational institutions etc.

Silver N Springs is coeducational and has classes from KG to std V. The uniqueness of SNS is that it is an inclusive school, imparting education to both mainstream and children with special needs. Special needs children are faced with problems like physical limitations, sensory issues, lack of communication, temperament, social inadequacies and behaviourial issues etc. They need a variety of stimulation to blossom into well adjusted young adults.

Our uniqueness

• Concept based education and thematic approach

• Unique play and learn method at Kinder Garten levels

• Comprehensive and holistic experience

• Visual teaching concept provided through multimedia, smart board & computer education

• Impartial support provided to both special needs and mainstream students.

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