Kindergarten to Fifth

Kindergarten Curriculum

Toddlers are prepared for lower and upper KG

We take the kids through a step-wise activity plan to bring out the motor skills, identifications of various objects they come across in terms of size, colour and shape.

The kids are encouraged to show their creative skills in scribbling colouring and painting.

We provide a wholesome basket of various components to tease the physical,mental and psychological aspects, so as to enable the kids to grow normally into the society.


The child is made comfortable in the class, Till such time he or she in the school.
They are introduced to fruits & vegetables, colours,shapes,animals,helpers and so on.


In order to improve their Fine motor activities such as Scribbling, tearing the paper, crumbling the papers,folding the paper, paper collage, hand and thumb printing, colouring using crayons, paints and brush are given.

Gross motor activities:- are ones that involve running, bending, hopping, yoga exercises, picking up things, creative play etc

Learning: - Includes conversation (themes, general, social stories) rhymes (regular & thematic) general cleanliness and hygiene.

Kinder Garten classes are Thematically decorated and all safety measures strictly followed.

At the kindergarten level teaching is done in a child-friendly atmosphere, where learning is fun. The children are given hands on experience for the concepts they learn.

Their communication skills are improved by giving them an opportunity to talk about their favourite things, about their family members etc. The children are made to enact the stories that they learn by identifying themselves with the character.

An awareness about the importance of healthy food is created to the children by investing them to cary only healthy snacks and by cultivating healthy habits in them.

Various teaching aids like work-sheets, role-plays, activity books etc. Are used to make learning more easy and interesting.

Monessori teaching methods and activities for eye-hand co-ordination and sensorial development are also used.

Children are allocated separate time for outdoor play which makes them physically fit and mentally fresh.

Yoga helps them to have a healthy body & mind.


Silver N Springs provides the child an intrinsic love for learning, recognize and achieve their fullest potential to make their best contribution to society.

Silver N Springs curriculum is a blend of CBSE and stateboard syllabus which enables the child to continue their education in any school.

Silver N Springs develops a healthy cordial relationship between the teachers and children which eradicates the unhealthy fear and helps them to grow into a confident person.

*Effective platform to converse and comprehend through spoken English classes

*Enhancing their Maths & Language skills

*Visual learning through technology bases classes like computer and smart board

* Improving their learning experience through library hours.

* Nurture and promote their art skills through Arts and Crafts class

*Imparting moral values through value education classes

*Widening their knowledge through General knowledge (G.K.) classes

*Grooming students to communicate without fear through show and tell

*Exhibiting individual talents in the special assembly.

*Motivating creative ideas through projects in regular curriculum

* Maintaining physical fitness through physical education class

* Mental and physical well being enhanced through yoga

*Providing variety of experience and exposure through “Project Day”

*Teaching our culture, tradition and heritage by celebrating each festival

* An eye opening day to parents and children about healthy food “Food day”

*Showing their competitive skills in sports day highlighting the talents of our kids   through dance, drama and music during Annual day.

Kindergarten to Fifth

A well planned curriculum includes:

Cognitive skills
Physical skills
Communication skills
Socio-emotional skills
Adaptive development and
Routine activities
Individual learning
Home programme
Functional improvements
Comprehension and communication skills
Play routines

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