Academic Highlights

Silver N Springs aims at training its students in values that are often found noticebly missing in the society at large. The school provides a competitive atmosphere and excellent guidance by its hightly qualified and dedicated faculty. This exceptional institution has been successful in bringing about special impact in each child’s life.

Combination of Montessori and CBSE syllabus.
Unique “Play and learn method”
Empahasis on moral education
Well qualified, trained and highly creative faculty
Comprehensive and holistic experience
Mulitmedia Educational Tools.
Emphasis on understanding the concept.

“We shape clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside, that holds whatever we want”

SNS Ensures that all children learn both languages, hindi & Tamil.
Prepares students to compete in entrance exams of all the boards.
Provides extra coaching for weaker students.
Best individual attention given as the student teacher ratio is 20:1
They are assessed by periodical unit tests.
Various teaching aids like models, charts, worksheets etc.. are used to make the children understand the concept easily.
Educational tours related to their subjects makes learning more interesting.
Children are motivated and feel comfortable with the teacher’s friendly approach.

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